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Call Ducks

Call Ducks are the smallest Domestic Duck. They are easy to look after and are inexpensive to feed.

East Indians are slightly larger and have a larger beak, they are just as easy as Call ducks to care for.

Choclate Call Duck

Call ducks need water to drink and also to bathe. This does not mean that you have to have a large pond; a tin bath sunk in the ground or anything similar will do, ours have washing up bowls and can jump in and out of these easily. 
During the breeding season our Calls have runs attached to their houses to keep the colours pure. This enables us to move both house and run to fresh grass when required.

Lavender Call Duck

Apricot Call Ducks

Call ducks become very tame, children find them very easy to handle. 
Warning! spending a five minute break with a cuppa watching them can easily become an hour as they are so entertaining.

White Call Duck

Call Ducks

Call Duckling


Embden Goose


Dewlap Gosling

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs